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5 Best Places in the USA to Travel During Winter

Some people are afraid to travel in the weather. They don't want to experience crowded airports due to canceled flights. But wintertime is still one of the best times to travel. Here are some cities in the United States that are even better during the winter months. While some southern places are best visited in the coldest months of the year, some northern cities are much more enjoyable in the winter. 

New York City 

New York City is one of the most magical places to visit in the wintertime. The city transforms into a winter wonderland starting in Thanksgiving with it's annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It may be freezing cold in NYC, but it's still a must-see during the holiday season. While most of the other destinations in this list are warm, New York City is perfect for families and individuals. 

The Big Apple has plenty to offer such as Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. You can check out the famous Christmas tree, go ice skating with friends and family, or check out the beautifully decorated window displays. Some of the most popular toy stores and chain stores have some of the best displays during this time of year. 

Bar Harbor, Maine 

Bar Harbor may be a perfect summer destination, but it's just as beautiful in the wintertime. It's crowded during the months of June and July. Escape the crowds and head to this beach during the winter, where you can enjoy nature's true beauty. 

Bar Harbor is one of the most popular coastal areas in all of New England. Since it's become a tourist attraction in recent years, it has plenty of hotel chains and restaurant offerings. You can avoid the crowds and enjoy Bar Harbor in the stillness of the winter. 

Virginia Beach 

Virginia Beach is another beach you wouldn't consider visiting in the wintertime. It's not so far up north that it's freezing cold and yet it's not so far north that it's warm enough to visit. The water is actually warm enough to dip a toe in. Virginia Beach's shops are still open during this time. You can find unique gifts and special treasures for your friends and loved ones during the holidays. 

Miami Beach 

Want an even warmer destination? Head down to Miami Beach while the rest of the U.S. population flocks to Los Angeles or Orlando. Since Miami is closer to the equator than other cities in the U.S., it doesn't experience the seasonal changes. 

This is ideal if you love humid weather and sandy beaches. Hurricane season also ends in the wintertime. You don't have to worry about coming across any potential storms if you want to fly down there in the winter. The only problem is the increase of tourists from up north. 


Nashville is one of the perfect cities to visit in the colder months. This city has plenty to offer such as live music, art exhibits, shopping outlets, and special events. Get your holiday shopping done at the Music City Shop or the Music City Marketplace. Ring in the New Year at Jack Daniel's Music City Midnight New Year's Eve party. Or, you can celebrate the spirit of the holiday season at Holiday Harmony. 

As you can see, there is so much to see and do in Nashville during the winter. Our reliable limo service in Nashville can take you around Music City. Our Nashville car service includes features like comfortable luxury cars, safe traveling, and professional chauffeurs who cater to all your needs. Our transportation solutions will take the stress out of traveling in the cold season.

Posted on Dec 04 2018

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