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Nashville may be an inland city, but it offers mouth-watering sushi of different flavors. From the California roll to the Yum-yum Roll, your taste buds are guaranteed a delightful trip. As all seafood enthusiasts know, sushi is not exactly only delicious but also super healthy. Without further ado, these are the best places to eat the best sushi in Nashville.


It is an East Nashville eatery that offers all your favorite rolls in a fun atmosphere. Nomzilla is known for their funky style and their make-your-own-maki-roll, which allows you to determine what goes inside your rolls of seaweed tastiness. 

Samurai Sushi

Samurai Sushi is known for their infamous ninza roll, a spicy tuna roll topped with salmon, tuna, escolar, and avocado. The restaurant combines various types of fish and sauces to create exclusive pieces of delicious sushi. There are so many mouth-watering favorites on their menu including the Yum-yum roll, Volcano roll, Dynamite roll, and Vandy roll. 

Acme Feed & Seed

Acme is a riverfront restaurant that has one of the most popular selections of delicious sushi in Nashville. You can enjoy their reasonably priced classic rolls on their gorgeous roof patio.

Wild Wasabi

This Downtown Nashville sushi spot is great and always has fresh sushi in every variety. Wild Wasabi offers interesting lunch buffet highlights like the salmon nigiri, red snapper nigari, spicy salmon roll, crunchy crab roll, and their reinvented special roll. If you find yourself in Cummins Station, be sure to try out their friendly-priced lunch buffet.

Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Ginza is known for their Tiger roll, a perfect combination of salmon, crunch, avocado, and spice. Their menu is filled with other mouth-watering delicacies like Phoenix rolls, yellowtail nigari and California roll. 

Ninki Japanese Bistro

Ninki Japanese Bistro is prominent for their Half-price sushi. They also offer a great lunch special including Chicken Hibachi, vegetables, fried rice, soup and salad (going for as low as 7$). 

Koi Sushi & Thai

You’ll love Koi Sushi & Thai for their menu full of rolls both tasty and beautiful to see. Their reasonably priced California rolls are guaranteed to leave you with a happy belly and a happy wallet. Koi Sushi & Thai have locations in East Nashville, Melrose and Franklin. Be sure to visit them as they all offer the same fun atmosphere for a family-friendly experience.

Wrapping up

You must try out these Sushi eateries whether you want a tasty lunch break from a business travel meeting or a fun dinner with the family. These restaurants offer a vast variety of seafood goodness.

If you want to visit these restaurants with ease or without having to get a chaperone if you plan on having a couple of drinks at the sushi bars, be sure to contact our Nashville car service. Our professional chauffeurs familiar with the ins and out of Nashville and are trained to give you a luxurious and comfortable experience. We are more than happy to provide you with the best limo service Nashville has to offer. Sit back, relax with your loved one while experiencing everything that Nashville has to offer. 

Posted on Dec 11 2018

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