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How To Make Any Business Trip Less Boring

London, Paris, New York, Tokyo. These are just some of the cities that serve as business hubs. If you are someone who travels a lot for business or just once in a while, business travel can seem exciting. The ability to see new places and destinations can be a great way to get to know the world. At the same time, traveling from one place to the next can take a lot of time and preparation. The travelers may find themselves spending a lot of time in airports and getting from one destination to the next. For many travelers, this is the least fun part of the journey. While traveling this can be stressful, it can also provide an opportunity for the traveler to rest, think about what is most important to them and get some quality work done.

An Interval

Busy executives may find themselves rushing about a lot. In any given day, they might be heading off to all sorts of meetings, planning figures and thinking about the overall, long term goals for their company. In the process, finding time to relax and recharge can be elusive. This is where any business traveler should look upon their traveling as a chance to escape the daily routine.

Now is the time to take an hour or two for oneself and let go of the world of hurry and bustle. Instead, the traveler can use this moment in time to catch up on much-needed sleep. Time on a long flight can be devoted to simply resting and doing nothing else. As the traveler sits in an airplane, they don't have to do anything else. This gives them the time to savor life, let it and flow and practice their personal sense of mindfulness. Many travelers find this lets them arrive at their destination fully relaxed and truly prepared for everything they want to get done at their destination.

Make New Friends

Travel is also an opportunity to make lots of new friends. If you are traveling via business class, this can offer an opportunity to increase your list of friends and connections. Look around as you travel. See what people are doing. It's easy to strike up a conversation based on mutual interests. For example, you might see someone reading a book that you've read already. You can share your thoughts about the book they're reading.

The same is true when you're on a plane or taking a seat on a train. Choose a seat if you can that lets you observe others from a distance and close up. This will allow you to hone your people reading skills. It also allows you to make distance contacts with others from across the globe. If you are studying a second language, ask someone speaking it if you can practice it with them conversationally. Many people are very happy to share their love of their native language and pleased to help others become more fluent as they travel. They're also happy to speak with you directly and hone their English skills.

Meet People in Person

Many business travelers have very strong social networks. They may have friends all over the United States and indeed all over the world. While social networks and friendships online can be deeply satisfying, traveling offers the chance to bring such connections to the very next level. Travelers who travel frequently for business can take full advantage of their travel and look for ways to meet people they know online in person.

Ask your friends on social media if they would like to meet in person if you are passing through that city. Even a brief stopover or transiting between planes can offer a chance to meet with someone for a drink. If you are staying in a city for a few weeks, you can really get to know your online circle of friends better. Ask friends for tips about which places you might want to visit such as locally great restaurants, cafes and other areas that might otherwise be hidden.


Exercise has many proven benefits. When you travel, exercise can help you stave off boredom. Get to your airport early. Get a brisk walk around the airport. You'll get your blood flow in place before you get on the long flight. A long walk can also help you deal with any possible jet lag better. Many airports have lounges just for business travelers. You'll often find exercise machines. The same is true of your hotel. Take advantage of hotel facilities. Have a fast swim before you rush off for a meeting. You'll find you feel entirely revitalized and energized. A few minutes of exercise every few hours can ultimately pay off by helping you stay sharp both mentally and physically.

Staying Hydrated

Dehydration is a common problem for travelers. You may feel very dehydrated out as you head up in the sky. This can lead to medical issues. Drink as often as you can to help feel better and increase blood circulation.

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Posted on Apr 03 2019

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