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Rewarding your Employees - Travel as a Work Incentive

Travel incentives are becoming one of the most popular ways for employers to reward employees for goals and hard work. It's one of the best perks for recognizing a job well done. Travel incentives are becoming more attractive than employee awards, cash incentives, and restaurant gift cards. Each of these are quickly becoming a thing of the past as employees are looking for bigger and better benefits. 

The effects of receiving a travel incentive are often felt before, during, and after the experience. It can lead to increased performance and motivation throughout the organization. The last thing you want is depressed, overworked, and unmotivated employees. Not only will they suffer, but your overall business will suffer as well. 

Eventually, some of these employees will want to quit. While cash rewards fail to motivate employees, travel incentives can keep them dedicated to your company's goals and mission. Here are eight main reasons why travel incentives will motivate your entire staff. 

Creates Experiences

Offering a travel incentive allows your employees to create experiences outside the office. Your employees are given the chance to create memories, get away, and take on a unique opportunity. That doesn't mean your employees have to travel halfway around the world in order to provide them an experience. Any trip will have a lasting impact, increasing employee motivation to earn other travel incentives. 


Travel incentives increase excitement and anticipation for several weeks or months leading up to the trip. Employees who have never received such an opportunity before will experience these types of feelings. Employees who received a travel incentive before will look forward to another chance to receive a new unique experience. There's an element of mystery and surprise when it comes to travel incentives. Employees wait with anticipation to see what they're going to get. 

Increased Morale 

Travel incentives can help increase morale and productivity levels in the office. Employees will feel improved morale following a trip. If things have been tense at the office lately, a vacation can renew the vigor and vim of your stressed out employees. This increased morale will motivate them to work even harder for your company. 


Travel incentives have been known to create a relaxing work environment. If your team members are more relaxed following a trip, they're more likely to socialize with one another. Employees are more engaging and interactive as they enjoy projects and recreational activities together. This allows your employees to grow closer to one another and build these dynamic relationships. This can lead to an increased team-building effect on your organization. 

Increased Loyalty

Another benefit of travel incentive is that they increase employee loyalty. When an employee wins a travel incentive, they're less inclined to leave your organization and move to another employer. This increased loyalty can help increase motivation as they consider themselves an asset of your company. 

Rest & Relaxation

Rest and relaxation are important. An employee who's overworked will be less effective over time. When an employee is burned out or overworked, they're eager to take a break from the office. They may request personal time or a vacation. The opportunity to rest and relax be rewarding. A well-rested employee is one who returns to work more inspired, motivated, and productive than before. 

Improved Well-Being 

Offering a travel incentive gives employers the opportunity to improve their employees' overall health and well-being. For example, you can send some of your top salespeople to a sunny and warm location. Enticing weather, plenty of sunlight, and extracurricular activities can lead to healthier and happier employees. Your employees' increased happiness and health can make for positive attitudes, which boost sales and increase productivity levels. 

Universal Appeal

It's no secret that travel has a universal appeal. There isn't one person around the world who doesn't want to travel. If they were given the opportunity, they would be on the next flight out to their desired location. It's unlikely that your employees wouldn't appreciate a travel incentive. When you collaborate with a travel agency, your employees can use these incentives on various stays and products so there's always something for everyone. 


As you can see, travel incentives are a great way to increase any employee's motivation and productivity. A well-crafted and well-executed incentive program can increase productivity levels by 18%. It can also lead to a 112% ROI for your organization. Travel incentives are a great way of increasing employee motivation, which is a win-win for your employees and your business. 

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Posted on Apr 24 2019

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