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Ride Share vs. Private Driver - Pros & Cons

When you need to use a transportation service, there are many different options. Private ride shares companies have presented some competition for traditional taxi services. When you need a ride fast, it has never been easier to get a driver. They can often arrive in only a few minutes. Car services with private chauffeurs can be scheduled ahead of time, as well, making every day travel luxurious and professional. Both options come with several choices when it comes to the type of vehicle and number of passengers. There are, of course, pros and cons that come with each service. 


There are often different circumstances that lead to the need for a driver. You may suddenly have problems with your car, be out of town, or be headed to a congested part of town. If you are headed out for the day and you find a flat tire, for example, a ride-share is a great option. You can simply order one from the appropriate app and be on your way in a few minutes. There are usually several drivers available in various areas just waiting on an assignment. 

A private driver hired through a Nashville car service must be reserved ahead of time. You must plan the time, the car, and the number of passengers. This works out well if you want to ensure a professional experience. This is a great option for business trips, vacations, and formal events. 


Both ride-share and private driver services provide a choice of vehicles. You can pay more to upgrade your ride with both options. You can choose high-end cars and different sizes with both, however, you need to use a service with personal chauffeurs If you need something formal, such as a limousine. A limo service Nashville can make your prom or wedding extra special.  These are often in high demand during prom season and must be scheduled on time. If you need a larger vehicle for numerous people, you may have to wait longer for your ride-share. It depends who is in your area at the time. You can, however, schedule several days ahead of time. You can be more specific about the type of car you desire with a private driver, however.


You can plan your day or evening better with a private driver. Instead of booking only a quick ride, you can often hire the service for the entire day or evening. This works out great for times when you need to make multiple stops, such as dinner and then a dance. A chauffeured limousine for a wedding can also be hired from a company. If you are on vacation and would like to spend a day sightseeing, a private driver can take you to each stop for the entire day. A ride share service can also be used, but you must schedule each ride separately. This may work out, however, if you are not sure how long you may linger at each stop. 

Ride sharing and private drivers can both be very helpful. Think about the situation before you decide. Our company can help you plan the transportation for your entire business trip or vacation. A personal chauffeur keeps things professional and adds a touch of luxury to formal evenings. Call and talk to our representatives to find out about the many options.

Posted on Mar 26 2019

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