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Table Setting Tips for A Captivating Wedding Reception

Nothing says warm and inviting than a beautiful fall wedding! If you're planning on tying the knot this season, here are some breathtaking inspirations to make your day memorable!

Color Schemes

When selecting a color scheme, you should take in consideration of the season. The fall season has an extensive range of beautiful color combinations.

Setting the Mood

Candles inside vases illuminate tables beautifully. Using elements from the outdoors adds more of that fall weather ambiance. Candles on the floor in a jar or decorated container can also add to the warmth of the event.

Table settings with colorful flowers and candles can create a variety of looks. Whether you make tall arrangements in a clear vase or a short arrangement in an urn or aged box, it will surely add uniqueness to any table setting. 

Make It Personal

Adding fun pictures of the couple to each table is always fun to see. Making personal touches like keepsakes, wine glass rings or even something sweet can impress your guests.

Table Setting Types

  • Classic table settings. With modest silver or gold silverware, delicate white plates, and elegant stemware, traditional table settings are a timeless trend. Insert floral bouquets in the midpoint of the tables, and you'll have a memorable look.
  • Rustic table settings. Rural, farm-style weddings are still trendy. While you want to deliver a tattered chic look, you want it to focus more on the classy side. To enhance the look, add linen napkins, vintage silverware and foraged centerpieces, and dress it all up with pops of reclaimed wood throughout.
  • Vintage table settings. For a wedding with a vintage theme, you'll want table settings to match. Enhance your tables with bronze or silver candle holders, luxurious napkins with matching napkin holders, and regal glasses to complete the look.
  • Colorful table settings. To keep your wedding feeling free, fun, and light, by incorporating pops of falls colors to the table.
  • Minimalist table settings. To achieve the minimalist look for your wedding table settings, add crisp, white linens or simple china enhanced by delicate fall details and sparse centerpieces.

Table settings add to the overall look and feel of your reception. No matter the theme, make sure the environment reflects you and your spouse-to-be personalities.

Posted on Sep 09 2019

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