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Top Tips for a Fun and Safe Prom

Prom night is something that elicits a lot of excitement and preparation. Most teens begin preparing early in the school years, so they have the perfect outfit, dinner reservations, and transportation. There are often parties planned for after the dance, as well. There are some situations that can be unsafe, however. Parents can help their kids prepare for a safe and fun evening. 

Stick to the Plan

Once you come up with a plan for the night, it is best to stay with it. Parents should be aware of the itinerary for the night. If you need to change any part of your plan, be sure to call a parent to let them know where you plan to be. Prom night usually involves a ride in a limo or carpooling with friends before the dance. It may seem old fashioned, but write down the name of the restaurant, the limo company, and the location of the prom down for your parents or other trusted adult. 

Be Aware of Dangerous Situations

Prom is usually chaperoned by school staff and is held in a banquet hall or hotel ballroom. There is usually security to make sure everyone is safe. Most dangers happen before or after the prom. Alcohol can be a problem for many reasons. Underage drinking is illegal, and you are sure to miss the entire prom if caught by security or school officials. Our limo rental Nashville residents can rely on can help you be sure of a safe ride, no matter what. It can be hard to deal with a friend that begins drinking. Some groups may plan an after-party in a hotel room. These are unsupervised and things may get out of control. This is no place to be if you are concerned about safety. 

Safe Transportation

A reserved ride with the most reliable ground transportation Nashville has to offer gives you a safe and fun alternative to riding with a teenage driver. Prom night is meant to be enjoyed with your friends. Leave the driving to someone else. This way you can all talk and take pictures without distracting a friend that is driving. When you hire a chauffeur through a service, you can often choose the type of vehicle. A limo can be quite affordable when you share the price with several friends, as well. A large SUV can also work for a large group.

Know the Rules

Most schools share the rules for prom early in the planning process. There may be a dress code or behavior expectations. The hotel or venue may also have rules you must follow. It is not worth breaking the rules during prom, as some schools choose to give severe consequences. You may be asked to leave the event and be reprimanded the following week at school. Graduation ceremony privileges can be revoked. Choose to follow the rules so you do not miss out on any of your senior year events. 

Most prom committees put a lot of effort into the decorations, music, and food. Some classes even start fundraising their senior year. Many proms are in fancy ballrooms in a prestigious part of town. Prom is an opportunity for teens to have fun and act like young adults. Kids can plan the night along with parents, so everyone knows what is going on. Our car service can help you make the night special. A chauffeur can pick you and your friends up for a night of luxury. Hired transportation is a lot of fun and provides a safe ride.

Posted on Mar 06 2019

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