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Wedding Transportation Trends for 2019

Wedding trends come and go, yet many traditions remain popular. Colors, entertainment, and foods all according to the season and often the year. You can see these differences if you keep up with advertising, read bridal magazines, or go to expos. It is easy to focus on things like the dress, cake, and flowers. The transportation, however, is just as important. A reliable transportation service ensures that everyone gets to the wedding and reception on time. The vehicle also shows up in many of the wedding photos. There are some fun trends that have persevered through the years. Others have taken on a modern twist.


Many brides consider their wedding the one day in their life that they get to be a princess. If you are having your fairytale wedding, the transportation can match the event. A horse-drawn carriage is something that many may consider, however, the details must be worked out. This type of transportation is best for short distances. If your service and reception are far apart, you can use the horse and carriage to arrive at one or the other. The horse-drawn carriage is perfect for departures. The carriage should be ready to receive the bride and groom after the service for this option. This way it can be ready for pictures when the guests are bidding the couple farewell and throwing birdseed.


Some people have big expectations when it comes to wedding transportation. You may want to make a big entrance or exit. Depending on the location of the wedding, you can use land, air, or water vehicles. A wedding on the coast or at a lake can end with the couple boarding a boat for a moonlight sailboat ride. Weddings are more creative than they used to be. Many couples like to add d├ęcor and activities that represent their interests. A helicopter, hot air balloon, or a private plane is a fun way to start your life together. Save this for the end of the wedding so you can enjoy a full-length ride with your new spouse. Adventurous couples may consider out of the ordinary wedding locations so they can incorporate personal interests such as parasailing, sky diving, or hang-gliding.


Upscale cars or limousines are still in style and are used for the majority of weddings. Limos look great in pictures and compliment formal events perfectly. A Nashville car service can make your day luxurious. Many people never get the opportunity to ride in a limo until their wedding day. This may be something they look forward to for a long time.

If you have a lot of stops to make on your wedding day, a personal chauffeur is the best option. You can count on our Nashville wedding transportation service to hire the vehicle for the entire day and enjoy celebrity treatment. Enjoy visiting with friends and sipping champagne as you are taken to your hair appointment, the nail salon, and lunch. Traditional vehicles are often hired to carry the wedding party, parents of the bride, and other wedding participants. This is an efficient and enjoyable choice.

Modern weddings are a lot of fun. It is more acceptable to deter from traditions and find a theme that fits your interests. Transportation is often used to express personality. There are many options for making your wedding arrival or departure unique. Our professionals can get you to your location safely and on time. You can expect to be presented with a pristine car or limo that is perfect for your wedding day photos, as well. Whether you have a formal even or a casual outdoor wedding, our transportation service can care for all your transportation needs.

Posted on Jan 30 2019

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